• @ThisIsNoPromo

    We're slightly controversial, but we mean well. Here at, we're not afraid to get a little dirty, we'll take the risk so you don't have to. We don't like being lied to, so why should you? No BS, no sugar-coat, No Promo, just our thoughts and our opinions. Think you have what it takes? Join the team.

  • Alfonso "MiLLioN" Johnson

    Brooklyn native; lover of Chipotle; über music enthusiast, and most definitely joining any escapade as long as tequila's involved. You only live once – unless you eat green 'shrooms; after that, the possibilities are endless.

  • Christina Avila

    Future fashion journalist. Changing the world, one closet at a time!

  • Sergen

    Three things that make me happy - celebrities, social media and Chapstick. And loving life in Los Angeles!

  • Tevin Christopher

    There's fewer things I like more in life than my own opinion, attention, and perfectly soaked Frosted Flakes cereal. But there's also my love of music and my aspirations to becoming a writer, so that explains my fascination with entertainment writing.

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