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Holy Sin, I Went To The GRAMMYs!

So I know the 55th Grammy Awards are over, but they’re still going on in my head.  It could be because I have an odd fascination with celebrities or it may be because I attended the Grammys.  Now when I say attended, I mean attended.  While I entered every contest to win tickets and applied to be a seat filler, I was given the amazing opportunity to watch the show from the mosh pit (Thanks Bonnie!).  That’s right. I had to walk ON the Grammy stage to get to my seat, if you will.  Truly epic.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring in our cell phones for picture taking, but I have plenty of mental pictures that I will try my best to describe to you.  The day started with me and my two girlfriends checking in at a parking lot in Downtown LA and receiving our official mosh pit wristbands around noon.  There were about 120 people signed up to be in the pits, so we were split into two groups – a group of us in the left mosh pit and the other in the right.  Then, at 2:30p.m., we were escorted to Staples Center.  From there, we waited around until… drum roll please, we were taken into the performing area and placed in our spots.  We were told who would be performing on our side of the pit – Rihanna (who looked WAY too skinny up close), the Bob Marley Tribute (Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna and Ziggy Marley), Frank Ocean (who played the piano with only one hand thanks to the lovely Chris Brown), Carrie Underwood (not a country fan, but she killed it!), Miranda Lambert (she shouldn’t have been wearing that dress), and none other than THE Justin Timberlake (perfection).  I definitely thought our side had the better performances of the night.  Oh, and my girl Taylor Swift was all over the place.  Go figure – stage hog.  We were given a last call for using the bathroom, and POW it was showtime.  It was a super long day of standing, but it was all worth it!

Celebrities started filing in to their assigned seats, and I really could not stop staring.  I mean, Jay-Z and Beyonce were sitting 20 feet in front of me, along with Katy Perry and John Mayer.  Wouldn’t you be staring too?  And Drake.  What to say about his fine self?  Well, he was in the third row, right in my line of vision.  We definitely made some eye contact, so I’m ready to take our relationship to the next level.  Hopefully it’s a mutual feeling.

Now on to the performances.  While I thought they were all very entertaining, there was one in particular that stuck out the most – JT’s performance.  The man hasn’t been on stage since 2006, so this was a pretty epic time for both me and him.  He opened his set with his newest single “Suit and Tie.”  Everyone in the mosh pit was having a great time, dancing, singing along.  Then.  It happened.  He said the magical words, “You better get out that seat Hov!”  The next thing I know, Jay-Z is walking up the front of the stage and rapping his verse.  I pushed myself to the front, which resulted in this…


…my 30 seconds of fame on national television!  While I am directly under JT’s crotch and within inches of being able to grab his feet, my reaction was even greater for Jay-Z, a musical and lyrical GENIUS.  Check out my JT’s debut below.

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z – 2013 Grammy Performance

All in all going to the Grammys was truly one of, if not, the most amazing experience in my life to date.  It was #1 on my bucket list upon moving out to LA… nailed it!  And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting to mention some other things that occurred, but after being so close to JT and Jay, I mentally blacked out and was in a severe state of celebushock, so I apologize.

Now on to the next award show… the BET Awards.

Holla! @ergense

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