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Published on January 6th, 2013 | by Sergen


Kimye Pregnancy – Baby Watch

Okay, so I have a confession to make, and I’m sure the majority of you will judge me.  But, I don’t really care.  I have an obsession, addiction, whatever you want to call it over the Kardashians.  With that being said, it’s only fitting that I post about the unexpected news and my personal thoughts of Kimye’s pregnancy.

Kanye let the cat out of the bag during his concert in Atlantic City’s Revel Resort on December 30.  “Make some noise for my baby mama,” he told the audience.  I don’t think this is how Kim would have liked to debut the news, but seeing as how the couple equally love mass amounts of media attention, I guess it was appropriate.

While I am happy for the couple (I’m a huge Kanye fan, as well), leave it to them to wait until nearly the end of 2012 to announce the news.  As if Kim’s 72-day marriage wasn’t memorable enough for the entertainment industry last year, she had to top it off with announcing her pregnancy a mere three days before the new year.  She couldn’t have waited a bit?  Sheesh!

Speaking of her short-lived marriage, she is technically still married to Mr. Kris Humphries.  Their divorce is not yet final.  And by law in the lovely state of California, where she got married, it is presumed by the state that the bun in the oven has been placed there by Kris, since he is still legally her spouse.  This is sure to make for some dramatic future episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” seeing as Kim gave E! the green light on filming her life during the pregnancy.

So we have Kim expecting, Kourtney with two little ones and poor Khloe who is unable to get pregnant, yet she is the only one who is married.  It truly is hard to keep up with these sisters.

And while I hope Kim and Ye tie the knot, she should probably finalize the divorce with Kris first.

What are your thoughts on the pregnant power couple?  Don’t care?  Baby names?  Surprised by the pregnancy?  I wanna hear it all!

Oh, and how ironic – Ye’s “Gold Digger” started playing on my Pandora station while I was writing this.

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