Published on February 19th, 2013 | by Tevin Christopher


Love Hangover

I obviously didn’t celebrate anything last Thursday, which was Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m unattractive and incapable of becoming someone’s man. Well maybe that’s the truth, but I prefer to reconsider myself as someone who is emotionally unavailable — and not because I’m too drunk, hurt, desperate, and lonely. I’ve just been corrupted by a new era that bares emotionless-fucking and a materialistic obsessions as the only assets needed to survive, thanks to narcissism. So to me, Valentine’s Day was about me.

Even to other observations, Valentine’s Day has become less romantic in my surroundings. Maybe that’s because I attend college where 80% of the students are presumably single. Therefore, I’m surrounded by people who consider a good morning text with more than one fucking emojii as a deceleration of love and a one-night stand that happens after 3 a.m. as a sign of true intimacy. I can be wrong or just someone with different and higher expectations, but that has made me love hungover. I’m now drawn to the expectations that we will talk, then hook up after a drunken night, I’ll text you in the morning asking “what happened last night?” and we’ll somehow put the pieces together. Maybe it will happen again if we run into each other at the same place but til then, single my life will revolve around Instagram pictures of myself and replying to your cryptic text messages.

Thankfully, there are people who display what it means to be single in a sexy and confident way that we reassures there should be more work than a text to get with them. There’s also a rise lately in the attitude that women don’t need men. Look around your classroom, there’s 20 women sitting up right and 4 guys slouched over a desk. This is the time where some use being single to work on themselves before finding possible suitors. The sisterhood is also stronger, so if you’re treating one bad – the other will find out. It’s gonna take a lot to impress these women and to the brave men who step up, there’s a prize for the taken:


And although  I’m sorta cynical, there’s a part of me that wants to believe that true, like really, true love, meaning we’ll have each others iPhone lock codes, does exist in the world or somewhere on this campus. However, it’s gonna take more conversations (and less drinks) and physical restraint that we shouldn’t have sex on the first night of meeting and a whole lot more than your emjoii’s for me to trust you with my cellphone’s lock code. The entire love/dating scene or expectations of what it should contain has definitely changed. It’ll sure take a lot to cure this love hangover. But maybe it’s for the better — should the ladies enjoy being free spirits now and the fellas run around?

Will being single for so long eventually lead us to believing that that emptiness is a void that eventually MUST be filled?

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