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Published on December 23rd, 2012 | by Alfonso "MiLLioN" Johnson


New Year’s Eve 2013: Top 3 Parties to Ring In The New Year [Tampa Bay]

With 2013 quickly approaching, we already know the question that’s been lurking deep within that medulla oblongata of yours – “Where the fuck am I going to party this New Year’s Eve?!” – well we can’t answer that question for you, but we can give you guys some kind of insight as to where you’ll probably find us.

1. Rooftop Masquerade Noir – Hyde Park Village

Rooftop Masquerade Noir | New Year's EveDefinitely one of Tampa’s most popular New Year’s Eve parties, you can be sure this event will most likely be packed out. Taking place on the rooftop of Hyde Park Village, Rooftop Masquerade Noir is an all-inclusive celebration featuring crazy lights and live entertainment…but obviously the only reason you’d find us anywhere near this event is for the open bar and food, and at $125 per ticket, best believe we’ll be making plenty use of their bartenders.

There’s also a VIP package for any you feeling like ballin’ out – cabanas tickets are $225 per person with a six person minimum aka $1,350 big ones. Yea all of that includes express entry, a private seating area, private cocktail service with complimentary bottle, but honestly there way better ways to spend that amount of cash – like buying 50 #NoPromo limited edition graphic tees (just a suggestion).

2. New Year’s Eve 2013 Toast – Tampa Convention Center

New Year's Eve 2013 Toast | New Year's EveLooking to rage with about 3000 of Tampa Bay’s debaucherous young adults?? Of course you are – and this year the Tampa Convention Center is the only place you’ll want to do so. Usually this place is reserved for boring-ass shit…*cough* RNC *cough*…but Legacy Production Group has been able to lock this venue down to hold what’s probably going to be one of the city’s most epic New Year’s parties ever.

We can’t lie, we’re pretty stoked to see how this event pans out – this promotional company is known for putting together some pretty dope parties i.e. Dayglow & Nightmare On Channelside Drive, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that their New Year’s Eve 2013 Toast is going to be a banger. The event features 3 stages, 15 DJs, a $2,500 balloon drop, and open bar…yeeeeaaa, it’d take a miracle to fuck this night up.

If you’re in desperate need of tickets, you can find them here

3. New Year’s Eve Bash – Dallas Bull

If you’re like some of us, you could care less about some hyped up New Year’s event – instead you’d rather just get wasted without wanting to kill yourself the morning after when you look at your bank account.

Well that’s what Dallas Bull is for.

As if it was any other night, cover is only $5 on New Year’s Eve…which is absolutely worth the amount of whiskey and soco/lime shots you’ll end up drinking before attempting to Cotton Eye Joe for the entire night. There hasn’t been one night we’ve spent at Dallas Bull where we left saying how wack that place is – honestly DB is probably one of the best clubs in Tampa Bay. And if line dancing isn’t your thing you can always head to the second level where Top 40 dance is being played.

So there’s really no excuse for you not to have fun at Dallas Bull on New Year’s Eve next week…unless some toothless dame by the name of Betsy gives a big sloppy kiss at midnight…and for that we’re sorry.

Let us know in the comments below where you’re going to party it up for New Year’s Eve – we’d love to tell you how lame it’ll be.

MiLLioN out…


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