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Published on February 12th, 2013 | by Tevin Christopher


The GRAMMY’s: Snubs, Words, Katy Perry’s Bust

Our favorite entertainment award show was held last weekend at the Staples Center, The Grammys. To music lovers, the Grammy’s is basically our Super Bowl – minus the expensive targeted commercials, add in a lot more musical performances, and for visual sakes just imagine Adele tackling Chris Brown on stage (just joking, we do not promote violence on this website), and you really have the perfect follow up to last weeks big game.

On Sunday, the Grammy’s opened with Taylor Swift performing. What song? I’m not really too sure, but it was something painful to add to her already extensive catalog of single, heartbroken, white female singing songs about an ex-boyfriend who moved on. Actually, Taylor’s performance of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” wasn’t that bad, I chuckled at the attempt.

Other musical performances by nominated artists continued throughout the night, with Miranda Lambert, the return of a freshly crooned, turned soul-singer, Justin Timberlake, and an awkward duet from Alicia Keys and Adam Levine performing “Girl on Fire” (why is the girl on fire? From an STD, hair dye left in too long? We still haven’t figured it out).

As expected with every award show, there’s the ultimate chance that someone on the voting panel was going to absolutely fuck up. That moment came when Frank Ocean lost Album of the Year. The most critically acclaimed album of the nominees and it was a great album, because I said so, lost the biggest award of the night. Seriously?!

However, the Grammy’s redeemed itself in what might have been the most interesting and important moment of the night with the extreme close-ups of Katy Perry’s breasts/bosom/boobs/busts, oh-my… how many times have you searched for the pictures online? I’m cool with Katy though; she’s one of the few pop singers who might have actually acknowledged that beauty is the key talent to succeeding in this industry and reason to her popularity with males. I respect that because Katy Perry might actually know her purpose: This is what Twitter went nuts about:

Katy Perry accepting her life as Katy Perry.

Last Sunday’s show also included another shocking surprise: Rihanna and Chris Brown are officially back together. Cue the “what the fuck Rihanna?” But, seriously, all other bad domestic violence jokes aside, these two seemed happy all night. It’s not until you’ve seen them interact in the audience and the tears left on Chris Brown’s face after her chilling performance that you accept that, maybe it’s none of our business that they are back together. Best advice to all those tweeting about other people’s relationships: turn off the caps lock, do you even have a Valentine?


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