Published on February 19th, 2013 | by Tevin Christopher


The Harlem Shake Increases Flexibility

Possibly, the Harlem Shake increases flexibility because some of you will believe everything that is on the internet. Somewhere last week the internet was overtaken by this new “Shake” phenomenon. If you haven’t seen it, point to YouTube and the first three videos should be the best at any given day, as your neighbors are probably uploading one right now.

It looks ridiculous right? Who cares though, its an infectious, Colombian-influenced, stomping sound and the dance literally compromises of uncontrollable flailing arms and rapid hip jerking. Which means that not even rhythmically challenged white people can mess this one up. While I never learned the Gangnam Style and any of the lyrics, I’ve already memorized the 30 seconds of beat and ‘do the harlem shake’ that I’ll need to record my own video. I know you’re thinking this is perfect for you. You have a short attention span and you can barely hit the dougie. So, go on and upload your video and become a viral sensation. Con los terroristas!

Yeah, this shit better be gone by March!


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