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Published on January 9th, 2013 | by Christina Avila


The Perfect Back To School Outfit

With Spring semester classes starting this month, every girl has a single question to answer: What should I wear? Here are my tips on having the perfect back to school outfit!

BDG's High-Rise Seamed Cigarette Jean


DON’T UNDERDRESS: First impressions are everything, and you don’t want your professor thinking you’re a lazy bum. So skip the sweatpants and choose something with a bit more style, like BDG’s High-Rise Seamed Cigarette Jean. With 9 colors to choose from, these jeans can fit any girl’s signature look. These jeans are stretchable enough for comfortability and are a great staple to build an outfit around. Pick them up at any Urban Outfitters!



J. Crew's Collection Cashmere CrewneckLAYER IT ON: Let’s face it, across any college campus, you never know what the indoor temp may be. So, to avoid distraction and hypothermia, layering your outfit is the safest way to go. A light cardigan like J.Crew’s Collection Cashmere Crewneck Cardigan is the perfect piece to add a pop of Spring color to your outfit. This go-to will keep your warm in a freezing classroom and is thin enough to stow away in your bag. There are ample alternatives to this cardigan that can be found at just about any store!

Fendi’s 2Jours Medium Saffiano Tote Bag



ACCESSORIZE THE RIGHT WAY: Speaking of bags, the one you use on your first day, and for the rest of the semester, is crucial! From a backpack to a tote there are plenty of options out there. Just make sure whatever bag you use is big enough to fit everything you need inside! My two favorites are Fendi’s 2Jours Medium Saffiano Tote Bag and Urban Outfitters’ Cooperative Ingot Backpack. Both of these are appropriate sizes for a laptop and books but also equally stylish. The Fendi Tote is perfect for dressing extra cute and the Cooperative Backpack has just enough edge to satisfy your grungy side.



Alexander McQueen’s Sequined Skull Slip-OnsCOMFORTABLE SHOES: A necessity when dressing for back-to-school is wearing comfortable shoes. You don’t want to be that girl running across campus in heels to get to class! But don’t pull out your Ked’s just yet, there are tons of comfortable and stylish flats out there. My top pick is Alexander McQueen’s Sequined Skull Slip-Ons. These loafers are super cute and practical enough to endure the wear that comes with trekking across campus without hurting your feet. Another chic alternative is Urban Outfitters’ Deena & Ozzy Skull-Stud Loafer. It’s a steal for only $39 and has a similar look to the McQueen slip-ons. Either way, both of these shoes are a great way to incorporate a trendy, functional look into your outfit.

SIMPLIFY: No matter what you wear, your first-day garb should be simple. You don’t want overcomplicated pieces that you will have to fuss over all day. Coming back to school is all about the classes so you don’t need any distractions from the clothes that you choose. Simplicity in an outfit is timelessly classic and will never go out of style, so you can’t go wrong here!

Follow these tips and you’ll be headed back to class looking functional and fashionable!

What are YOUR back to school outfit staples?


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