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The Super Late Super Bowl Post


Actually, it’s never really too late to talk about the Super Bowl. After all, this is the giant TV spectacle football fans wait around for more than tax refunds, and there was the much-anticipated half-time show featuring Beyoncé which stills has the internet going crazy.

But while most of America already moved on to their daily routines, I still needed a couple more days to digest the hell of a game the Baltimore Ravens withstood against the San Francisco 49ers, and think about the ridiculous commercials we were fed during the breaks; Go Daddy sexed it up, Granny’s raged and were presumably on other drugs at Taco Bell, and Coca Cola released a ridiculous ad – which left me with so many questions: What the f*ck? Where are the good ads this year?

If you tuned in, you were a part of the record breaking 111.3 million who did so and if you did not, well than thank your live sportscasters/friends who likely tweeted, Facebook’d, and Instagrammed (it’s now a verb, look it up!) about missing Janet Jackson’s right tit. But who even cares about Janet Jackson anymore?

The real half time performance kicked off in grand Beyoncé style and included: explosions, fire, an almost seizure inducing light show, church choir vocal prowess, hair-whipping choreography, and thigh high leather boots made to leave men breathless and women jealous. With stage commanding easy, the singer ran through some of her biggest hits and to say the 14 minute medley (Crazy In Love, Single Ladies, and Halo), as well as the shocking Destiny’s Child reunion, was anything less of amazing is to be a hater. Truth is, there are only two types of people out there: People who love Beyoncé and Illuminati conspirators who believe she’s a robot programmed to make you feel less about yourself.

Which also leads to the realization that maybe the reunion of Destiny’s Child at the Super Bowl was probably not the best idea. First off, where have the other two been all these years? Michelle, who? (A friend actually asked this). Then the performance happened and we were all wondering the same thing: are the microphones on?  Or are Kelly and Michelle just soft spoken?

These questions need to be answered, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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