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The Top 5 Women’s Fashion Trends of 2012

Seeing as the world didn’t end this year, I figured I’d use this time to reflect on all I’m grateful for, which basically boils down to clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Here’s a retrospective look at my top five favorite trends of 2012.


J. Brand's Lambskin Leather Pants 1. LEATHER

Possibly the most explosive fashion trend this year, leather was everywhere this Fall season. From leggings and dresses to blouses and skirts, leather became “Not Just Your Mother”’s jacket and shoe material. One of my favorite leather pieces this year was J Brand’s Lambskin Leather Pants. At a cool $895 they didn’t come cheap, but these pants were the epitome of edgy. With zipper accents and a matte finish, pairing these pants with a flowy blouse and fur vest was the perfect day or night winter outfit. Fortunately, there were plenty more affordable faux leather alternatives to satisfy this trend’s need, available at stores like Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters and even Forever 21.




Steve Madden's Troopa Boot


Another hugely relevant fashion trend was the combat boot. Always popular among ex-military and motorcyclist demographics, the combat boot became chic when it was introduced through Steve Madden’s famous ‘Troopa’ boot, as found on the feet of every low-key twenty-something out there. Not only did this Dr. Marten-esque style become affordable through the $100 ‘Troopa’ boot, but a staple go-to shoe that fit any casual occasion. This style was a huge hit in 2012 and I, for one, hope it stays around for a while because my combat boots have been a necessity in my wardrobe.



American Apparel Silky Loose Crop Tank3. CROP TOPS

Crop tops were an exceedingly popular trend for this Spring and Summer season. Although your mom probably wore them in college, crop tops fell off the fashion radar for a good 20 years before making a huge comeback onto the mainstream market. These bare-belly shirts epitomized the saying “less is more”, making it the perfect combination of sexy and casual. Crop tops varied in shape and size this year, from the bra-like crop tops of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer collection, to the more conservative (and, conveniently, more affordable) Silky Loose Crop Top from American Apparel. At only $32, you could get this top in every color without breaking the bank and it was the perfect piece for a summer night out or a day at the beach.


Zara's Short Sleeve Peplum Dress4. PEPLUM

Inarguably one of the recognizable trends of this past year was peplum. See on all sorts of clothing, peplum was the ideal way to add an extra feminine touch to any outfit. Much like crop tops, you could find peplum in a variety of styles, from full peplum blouses to semi-peplum dresses. Styles like this trickled down from the runway into popular stores, where you could get the same look for a reasonable price, like Zara’s $20 Short Sleeve Peplum dress. This dress was ideal for someone who loves the peplum style but has a conservative budget. With three different colors to choose from, you could wear it to a party or a date and look stylish!



Arm Party5. ARM PARTY

This year was claimed “The Year of The Arm Party” and it wasn’t without good reason. Stacked arms were incredibly trendy and seen on every girl no matter her style. From bracelets to bangles to watches, we all layered on the wrist accessories and absolutely loved it. From a girls’ night out to a day at the office, the arm party was an accessory trend that could fit any and every occasion. The unique individuality of the stacked arm made it a perfect compliment to an outfit that is entirely your own style.


Overall, 2012 was a year of comebacks and pushing the envelope in fashion. These 5 trends were my top staples and should definitely be in your closet. Hopefully this new year will bring on even more fabulous trends that are versatile enough to fit every girl’s style and budget.

What trend do YOU think should make the top 5 of this year?

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