Published on February 7th, 2013 | by @ThisIsNoPromo


Winter Storm Nemo – Finding Memeo’s

Do you see what we did there? Finding…Memeo…get it?

So in case you haven’t heard….the north is supposed to get hit with this huge blizzard, called Winter Storm Nemo [crickets]. Really?? Nemo?? They couldn’t pick a better name than little ol’ Nemo? It sounds so life threatening…but we’re in Florida. Soo….Who even creates these winter storm names anyway? We can only imagine what they named their children.

Anyway, the storm is on its way so if you live up north, check out the Weather Channel for up to date information on what’s going on since we can’t really help you. We’re just here to post all the funny memes that are filling up the internet.

Do you have a funny memes for Winter Storm Nemo? Send it to us, info@nopromo.net!


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